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Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic technology has been used for many years in other industries including the healthcare field, using ultrasonics to clean and sanitize hospital surgical equipment. It is also used in the jewelry industry to clean expensive and sometimes fragile and precious stones. Since fabric blinds cannot be “scrubbed” without damaging them, ultrasonics prove to be a gentle and effective method for cleaning those expensive and delicate fabrics.

Ultrasonic cleaning includes the use of sound waves. The dirty blinds and shades are put into a tank filled with hot water and a mild detergent. There are transducers that create sound waves which in turn generate millions of microscopic bubbles.

The bubbles travel through the water until they collide with something, causing an implosion that will dislodge whatever dirt or contaminant it comes in contact with. Essentially, the dirt is vibrated off of the fabric, head rail, cords, ladders – every square inch of the blind or shade. All parts are cleaned and sanitized resulting in a fresh clean look for your blind or shade.

Heavily soiled or stained treatments will sometimes require a double washing or even a light power washing.

All shades are carefully inspected as they go through the cleaning process. Ultrasonics have the ability to help loosen the fine layers of dirt and grime that have accumulated over many years. Products such as aluminum mini-blinds, vinyl verticals or faux wood blinds can then be carefully scrubbed to remove all of the dirt and build-up. They are then returned to the tank for a final rinse and sanitizing.