Silhouette® Shades And Luminette® Privacy Sheers - The Blind Cleaning Company Long Island - Shades, Blinds Ultrasonic Cleaning & Blind Repairs Long Island, NY
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Silhouette® Shades And Luminette® Privacy Sheers

These types of sheer polyester treatments clean up beautifully. Since polyester fabrics clean well and the sheer materials use an open weave that is not very dense, the sound waves produced by the ultrasonics can effectively clean the entire treatment by gently removing the unwanted dirt. Because these delicate fabrics cannot be scrubbed, the ultrasonic cleaning process proves to be today’s most effective cleaning method.

Silhouette and Luminette treatments can get very dirty over the course of time. It is not uncommon that it may be necessary to wash your treatment more than just once. The ultrasonics will loosen up heavy dirt and even mold, and we will then use a light power wash to help remove the dirt. Another dip into the tank ensures removal of any remaining dirt and residue. This is the reason why we can guarantee you will be happy with the results.

Bugs, flies and other creatures have been to known to reside in your Silhouette shades. You can be assured that they will be removed as well as any of the stains that they leave behind. Ultrasonics can remove nicotine, food stains, water stains, mold and mildew, soot and general dust and dirt buildup that may occur over time.