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Mini Blinds, Faux – Real Woods

Ultrasonic cleaning can create some very impressive results on washable surfaces such as aluminum mini-blinds, faux woods, and even real wood blinds. Results will vary depending on the age and quality of the product. Blinds that are relatively new and constructed of quality materials will end up looking almost new again. You can bring your blinds into our showroom so we can give you an honest evaluation to make sure that cleaning is a wise choice for you.

Mini-blinds are notorious for being a hassle to clean. Horizontal products such as faux or real woods do collect dust and you must keep up with them on a weekly basis. We have all tried to clean them in the bathtub or even hose them down in the backyard. This will usually produce mediocre results and you must be very careful not to damage them in the process. This is a frustration that everyone can relate to. That is why Ultrasonic cleaning is a smart choice. The sound waves produced in Ultrasonic cleaning have the ability to clean not only the slates, but they can also clean the cords, ladders, wands, bottom rail, and inside the headrail and mechanisms. It is this thorough cleaning that will sanitize them and make them cleaner than you would have thought possible. The sound waves have the ability to gently remove the thin layers of fine dust and dirt that accumulate over the years. They can also brighten the cords and ladders that tend to dull over time. There is not a more effective way to clean a mini-blind, faux or real wood blind.