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Solar Shades & Roman Shades

Solar shades have become a very popular style of window treatment for many different scenarios. The most popular being a commercial application where the sun is softened and controlled without giving up the view to the outside. Because the public will often interact with a shade in a commercial setting, cleaning is very important.

Most solar shades are made of fabric that has been vinyl coated. The open weave of this fabric creates an interesting look as well as a great place for dirt and grime to get into. A popular choice for restaurants, cleaning is very important to maintaining a clean environment. Ultrasonic cleaning will sanitize these shades and make them look virtually brand new. The sound waves will “scrub” the open weave and get into every nook and cranny. Regular cleaning will keep them looking new and prolong the life of the shade.

Roman shades will also benefit from Ultrasonic cleaning. These woven fabrics take very well to the gentle scrubbing of the sound waves. Years of dust, pollen, nicotine, and dirt are rinsed away for a rejuvenated look.