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Honeycomb, Cellular, Pleated Shades

These popular styles of fabric treatments are widely used because of their simplicity as well as their insulating qualities. Whether it is a single layer pleated shade or a multiple layer honeycomb, these shades can effectively reduce airflow thereby providing tremendous energy efficiency. As these shades “trap” the air, they also filter the air and hold onto anything from dust, pollen, nicotine, soot, odors and other airborne contaminants. Since vacuuming can only do so much, ultrasonic cleaning proves to be the most effective method to rid the fabric of unwanted dirt and contaminants and sanitize them at the same time.

Honeycomb shades typically have a white back with a different color on the front. It is the white back where the dirt tends to be very noticeable. Leaving windows open and the shades down is a contributing factor. Because this fabric cannot be scrubbed clean, ultrasonic proves to be the answer. The sound waves produced by the ultrasonic are gentle enough to clean the dirtiest shades. As well as the ultrasonic technology may work, you cannot expect your dirty shade to look brand new again. The honeycomb fabric is typically a dense and tightly knit material that makes the cleaning only more challenging. The result will be a shade that is cleaner, brighter that looks many years younger. It will be sanitized and free of any allergens or other contaminants. Ultrasonic cleaning will increase the longevity of your shades and keep them looking great.