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Repair & Re-String

Being a full service window treatment company that sells, manufactures and installs custom blinds and shades, we have a vast knowledge of how to assemble, manufacture and repair many different products. Also being Long Island’s only Hunter Douglas Authorized Service Center, not only do we have the ability to repair, but we stock a huge inventory of replacement parts that make it all possible. It is the Blind Cleaning Store/Instant Verticals where consumers and other retail stores bring their Hunter Douglas products to be repaired in a quick and competent manner. Another example of our commitment to our loyal customers as well as our soon-to-be new customers.

Most blinds and shades that are not very old can be repaired and the best way to know for sure is to bring them into our showroom. It is in our showroom that we can inspect your product and give you a free and honest evaluation. We may ask you to leave the treatment so we can look further into what exactly is needed to complete the repair.

Treatments that are 20 years or older can often run into problems with repairs due to their lack of available replacement parts. The older a blind or shade is means the greater the likelihood that the manufacturer is no longer in business. You must also ask yourself if it is worth repairing a product that has long outlasted its life expectancy. These are questions that we can answer for you after your treatment has been inspected.

We do offer a discount on repairs when ultrasonic cleaning is also performed at the same time. An incentive to not only fix your treatment but also allowing us to send it out looking as good as possible.